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Konkūra sacensības Nītvālē: NOLIKUMS 

Talverõõmud Takistussõidus 2012


Place and date: 24th-25th of March 2012, Niitvälja Riding Center, Niitvälja, Keila County, Harjumaa

Technical conditions: Competition arena: 42 x 34m, sand. Warm up on competition arena.

Organizer: Niitvälja Riding Club, Bestamer Ltd, Niitvälja Tallid Ltd

Show Director: Mrs. Merle Männik, phone +372 51 56 637

Ground Jury: Mr. Mart Urbas (President), Ms. Inga Mikelsone (LAT)

Show Secretary: Ms. Ave Talts, phone +372 51 36 847

Course Designer: Mr. Ivo Mikelsons (LAT)

Stewards: Mrs. Kairi Tänavsuu

Secretariat: Open on both days from one hour before the first start till half an hour after the end of the last class.

Prizes: At least 25% of riders and not less than 5 in every competition will receive prize money and rosettes. For hobby riders classes valuable prizes. Prize giving ceremony will take place ten minutes after the end of each competition.. 21 % tax deduction will be taken of the prize money.

Entries: Latest 21.03.2012 E-mail,

Horses: name, date of birth, sex, color, name of sire, name of dam’s sire, breed, place were breed, owner

Rider: date of birth

Medical help: Information from secretariat or call 112

Veterinary: Show Veterinary Aili Ruul, phone +372 50 107 09

Horse passports with the veterinary matters approved by the Equestrian Federation of Estonia.

Stabling:  10 EUR per day (not including night)

Booking – Tõnis Oissar, e-mail,

info phone +372 53 26 9535

Other information: Schedule and preliminary starting lists will be available on Friday, 23rd of March on

Accommodation for riders and grooms is not organized.

Liabilities and Insurances: All owners and competitors are personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses. They are therefore strongly advised to take out third-party insurance providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events at home and abroad, and to keep the policy up to date. Kinnitatud ERL-s …03.2012


Saturday, 24th of March

14:00 Class no. 1 85 cm speed competition Art. 238.2.1

Juniors, hobby riders

Starting fee 10 EUR

Prize money 200 EUR


16:30 Class no. 2 110/120 cm handicap, in two phases Art.274.5.3

Open Class

Starting fee 15 EUR

Prize money 350 EUR

Sunday, 25th of March

10:00 Class no. 3 90/100 cm handicap, in two phases Art.274.5.3

Juniors, hobby riders, 4-5 years young horses

Starting fee 10 EUR

Prize money 200 EUR


12:30 Class no. 4 120 cm, speed competition Art. 238.2.1

Open Class

Starting fee 15 EUR

Prize money 400 EUR


16:00 Class no. 5 Prix de KONTEK, 130 cm, one jump off Art. 238.2.2.

Open Class

Starting fee 20 EUR

Prize money 800 EUR

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